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Friday, April 30, 2010

Hot hot Hot Video

Holy hot video, love his body!

Lady Gaga meets Soft Core Porn= Christina Aguilera's New Video

We are getting a bit racey now adays! Yesh check out this new video its pretty insane and lots of hot guys so thats always a plus! Check out the link you may enjoy it~!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Educated Bum

Well its seems that this summer i am going to be one educated bum. I am having such a heard time finding a job. I've applied to over 30+ jobs in the area as well as all over ontario. I think i may start a club entitled "The Educated Jobless". I think it might catch on, and it seems that i am not the only one without a job. If anyone would like to join the club, i will be taking a member ship fee of 3 easy payments of $29.95. haha Hope everyone else is having a better time finding a job then i am, i may just have to become a lady of the night or practice my "sexy" voice for a job in the phone sex industry. Recession is right canada, i guess jobless is better then being homeless. Keep your stick and beer on the ice!

Dinner: I think its a chore!

Well now that Maria is gone, making dinner is going to be a little harder. It seems that its alot easier to cook for 2 then myself. I seem to think that making myself food is a task and would rather just pick at food all day. I've finally decided what i am going to make which is.... drum roll please.... rice and chicken tornadoes! Should be really tasty, day one of cooking alone we will see how boring my meals go as the weeks go by. All for now, keep your stick and beer on the ice! and dont forget to watch greys tonight!

Thirsty Thursday

Its another wonderful day in the kitty! I've managed to pick up a wonderful batch of Mama Kusiak's cookies. I cant wait for the real hot weather to come. I've been pretty productive today in getting ready for the boring (and hopefully worth it) spring courses! Oh well at least i know i'll have marc to keep me company while he is in his spring courses. All in all its been a great day, and i am sure that it will be a better night as new episodes of greys, parks & rec, 30 rock and marriage ref are on. Well i hope everyone else is having a wonderful thursday and almost tgif. I dont think i can really look forward to tgif since i dont have a job and really every day is a day off. Maria just left to go back to her hometown for the summer which i am sure will be great but i'll miss her. I got to chat with a great friend today. Kaitlyne has been uber busy like the rest of us with school and work so it was nice to catch up with her! Anywho, off to hang out on the balcony and enjoy the rays! Keep your stick and beer on the ice.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So since i am waiting for Mama Kusiak's Cookies to arrival, i thought i would do some baking of my own. Tonights baked good is skor banana bread! It smells so good so far and about another 45mins and it will be ready. Dont you worry i am going to post photos of this delicious baked good! While i wait, i am watching some nhl playoff action, its game 7 for the caps and habs. Currently the habs are winning 1-0, so i am hoping the caps will score shortly! All for now Keep your stick and beer on the ice!

Hump Day

Well being hump day and the last full-day of hanging with maria before she heads home it would be fitting to blog. Yesterday was the last day of exams for us and the day ended very well. I found out that i am passing everything with great marks, which motivates me for my next courses. I am staying an extra 5 weeks in the st.kitts to knock off 2 courses so i am that much closer to my 4 year degree. Its going to be a lonely 5 weeks without the roomy, but i am sure that my nights will be filled with blogging, skype and phone dates with family and friends. I am looking forward to heading home to see some great friends and hope that i get to see Marc sometime in the next couple months. Marc and I pretty much talk every day so as much as i miss him, i know whats going on in his life daily (maybe even hourly). I wish my good buddy and roommate Maria a wonderful summer and hope that she makes some good money. I am sure that many of us are jobless due to the lack of summer jobs, which isnt going to help for school next year but oh well there is always loans. :( Thats all for now, keep your stick and beer on the ice!

Marc:A friend that you will come to know and love!

Many of you will come to know my good friend Marc. He is a great guy and is just a crazy as i am. I feel that it will be photos like these that will further need some explaining later on.


Yes I want me a glass of that!


Ok i know i am up really late, but there is some a-hole doing some construction in his apartment right now. Like do you really need to hammer and drill at 4:30 in the morning or do you just like to be a prick? I just hope that whatever your doing up there is worth waking up half the friggen town, and it better be nice remolding job or whatever. Cause it may not be worth the pain you go through after i am sure, 50 or so tenants tear you a new one. wow blog 2 not so happy but i am sure if you heard that going on you would hope it was worth all the racket! all for now, keep your stick and beer on the ice.

Oh the first one

Well, it seems to me that the new thing to do to kill time is blog! Since i am going to be alone for the next couple weeks i though it would be a good thing to fill my time. You may be wondering why i have entitled my blog "Daily Verbal Diarrhea", well you see i do think that alot of people spew pure crap from their mouths on a daily basis. Yes i may be one of them, but i think i have some pretty interesting adventures and stories to share with the internet world. It shall be an interesting adventure and who knows maybe i'll become popular like Prez Hilton or hell, my friend Marc. Well i guess it best be time for sleep or some more work on this bad boy. All for now, keep your stick and beer on the ice.