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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Educated Bum

Well its seems that this summer i am going to be one educated bum. I am having such a heard time finding a job. I've applied to over 30+ jobs in the area as well as all over ontario. I think i may start a club entitled "The Educated Jobless". I think it might catch on, and it seems that i am not the only one without a job. If anyone would like to join the club, i will be taking a member ship fee of 3 easy payments of $29.95. haha Hope everyone else is having a better time finding a job then i am, i may just have to become a lady of the night or practice my "sexy" voice for a job in the phone sex industry. Recession is right canada, i guess jobless is better then being homeless. Keep your stick and beer on the ice!

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