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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hump Day

Well being hump day and the last full-day of hanging with maria before she heads home it would be fitting to blog. Yesterday was the last day of exams for us and the day ended very well. I found out that i am passing everything with great marks, which motivates me for my next courses. I am staying an extra 5 weeks in the st.kitts to knock off 2 courses so i am that much closer to my 4 year degree. Its going to be a lonely 5 weeks without the roomy, but i am sure that my nights will be filled with blogging, skype and phone dates with family and friends. I am looking forward to heading home to see some great friends and hope that i get to see Marc sometime in the next couple months. Marc and I pretty much talk every day so as much as i miss him, i know whats going on in his life daily (maybe even hourly). I wish my good buddy and roommate Maria a wonderful summer and hope that she makes some good money. I am sure that many of us are jobless due to the lack of summer jobs, which isnt going to help for school next year but oh well there is always loans. :( Thats all for now, keep your stick and beer on the ice!

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