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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

Its another wonderful day in the kitty! I've managed to pick up a wonderful batch of Mama Kusiak's cookies. I cant wait for the real hot weather to come. I've been pretty productive today in getting ready for the boring (and hopefully worth it) spring courses! Oh well at least i know i'll have marc to keep me company while he is in his spring courses. All in all its been a great day, and i am sure that it will be a better night as new episodes of greys, parks & rec, 30 rock and marriage ref are on. Well i hope everyone else is having a wonderful thursday and almost tgif. I dont think i can really look forward to tgif since i dont have a job and really every day is a day off. Maria just left to go back to her hometown for the summer which i am sure will be great but i'll miss her. I got to chat with a great friend today. Kaitlyne has been uber busy like the rest of us with school and work so it was nice to catch up with her! Anywho, off to hang out on the balcony and enjoy the rays! Keep your stick and beer on the ice.

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