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Monday, May 31, 2010

Te Amo

I can't wait for glozell's translation on this one!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Will & Grace: Love this show

Oil Spill

I dont know about the rest of you but the oil spill makes me super upset. This is one (if not the one) biggest ecological disasters in the
world. Not only has the oil been pumping billions of gallons for the past 36 days, its still going. This BP oil company really doesnt seem to care about stopping it either. In the past 36 days, according to BP they have tried a number have times control it. So i am guessing controlling it, means only dumping 100,000 barrels of oil rather then 150, 000. Regardless this oil is ruining plant, biological and animal life up and down the Louisiana coast. Tell me why that it took less then 48 hours for the world to respond to Haiti, but its 36 days on this spill and its on the back burner. Now I am not saying that the people of Haiti didn't deserve to be helped,  because they did. What i am saying is that is could not only effect the Louisiana Coast but eventually the great lakes. I guess when it comes to nature people are less likely to care, maybe in the next couple weeks when this spill is beyond fixing and our water walls are royal screwed, then it might change peoples minds. I hope that all of you that read it have a big heart and try to change ecological disasters like this. People need to get there head out of their asses and realize that we are RUINING OUR OWN ENVIRONMENT! 

Watch live streaming video from wkrg_oil_spill at

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heat Wave!

So i am sure that many of you have noticed that the weather has greatly improve! Not only has it improve but its hot. Today in St.Catharines  it was 28 degrees and 34 with humidity! believe me i love the heat but its hard to sleep when you live in a building that doesnt have A/C and you live on the 11th floor. I hope that everyone is enjoying the sun and heat safely, getting a nice tan and some good vitamin d. This weekend my roommate might be coming up, so i am sure we will hit up the beach or pool. Hope all is well with everyone and that are enjoying this great summer weather in May. Only 3 more months of great weather to soak up. Get your tans on! Take a shower and cool off and dont forget to keep your beer and stick on the ice!

Friday, May 21, 2010


As much of you already know, my good friend Marc is OBSESSED with CK underwear. Really can you blame him. Not only do they look super hot on a man, according to him they are HEAVEN on your junk. ( i dont know if he actually said this, but i feel that it would be along this lines) Not only is underwear sexy but it must be comfortable. I remember my Noni (that's grandma for those of you who aren't Italian) telling me that i should always have a nice comfortable and my best underwear on while in cars, cause you never know if you will get in a car accident. Like really what was the suppose to mean, but never the less i always did. I am a big fan of boxer-briefs on a man, but slowly enjoying the briefs even more. I believe that underwear should be just as much as an attire as your clothes are. Really, if you have a great pair of jeans on and a nice sweater but underneath you have ratty gross underwear on, i hope you dont get laid lol.  Ok, maybe that was a little harsh but really i think it says alot about a person by the underwear they wear. I am not saying that you have to go out and buy CK (i really am) BUT i think at least having something a little more sexy might work in your advantage.  It might help you in the bedroom department. haha Another point, why not treat the twins (ladies) right and give them a great support. While men, let the boys be comfortable and breath. Common people. Ok so now that i have gone into a big rant about this important issue, i guess i should share some photos. People i am not saying that we all need to look like super models or hot under wear models, but i think that making our body comfortable by treating ourselves to great underwear will make everyone happy. (including but not limited to your boys/girls and lovers) All for now keep you beer and stick on the ice, and buy some great underwear!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer Weather

What a wonderful day outside. I wish i had a car and some friends around to hit up the beach!
I hope the weekend has some great weather like this. Its officially the weekend for me and the night is going to be filled with reading on the balcony, bbq, beer and great season finales! Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful thursday, and remember keep your beer and stick on the ice. ox

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Great Eats

So being this the 3rd last tuesday i am going to be in kitty, i thought i would imagine a nice homemade pizza. My dinners are become less creative as the days go on. I think thats due to my lack of money for food as well as laziness. This pizza idea came from Marcus and its a great idea for any quick and cheap meal. I am looking forward to pizza and studying for my tuesday evening! Keep your beer and stick on the ice!

Comic of the day

Monday, May 17, 2010

Free Booze

 Best Monday Ever! So i was going to the garbage shoot and sitting outside the door was a unopened ans sealed bottle of Jack Daniel's Whiskey.  Hooray for me!


What is with people woodworking at 2am? Really like put the saws away and go to bed. Then you wonder why people are yelling at you to turn it off. I just dont understand why people are sooo dumb, like a little common sense would get you a long way. Hope everyone else Monday morning started better then mine.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Only in Canada!

Only in Canada would we win the gold medal in hockey and then drink and smoke on the ice!

Stop the H8

Friday, May 14, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

sunday dinner.

Well due to the lack of motivation i have for school, i thought i would be a wonderful dinner for myself. So this is it!

Happy Mama's Day

In light of this special day we need to recognize all the lovely mothers in our lives. Not only is my mom a wonderful, kind and thoughtful lady but i have tones of other moms that are in my life. To you wonderful woman, i hope that you have a fantastic day and know that you mean the world to me! Cheers and happy mother's day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Original Wingman!

Awareness Posters

Crappy Weather Saturday

Its finally a day off for me after a long first week of school and its soooo crappy out. I think God
might be really pissed or something and is letting Ontario know it. It is snowing in Timmins, North Bay and Sudbury with a chance of 15cm of snow.  Here on the other hand, it is raining/hailing, windy as hell and just plain miserable. So it seems like it is going to be a tv day followed with some homework and things. Tonight though should be great, Betty White is hosting SNL and i am sure its going to be soo funny. I hope everyone is having a great saturday regardless of the weather. I guess it could be worse and we could be getting the snow. The picture really doesn't do justice to what it really looks and sounds like outside, but it gives you an idea.  Well back to an afternoon of Family Guy, Will and Grace and Simpsons. Everyone else enjoy your relaxing saturday afternoon and dont forget to watch snl. Keep your stick and beer on the ice. L

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I am Famous!

So i am watching the marriage ref and its a great funny episode... once again. I tweeted Tom Papa the host of the show, and he tweeted me back! yeah thats right i am famous eat it up everyone lol. Ok ok i may be a little excited or really excited but how cool is that?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Bus story

Is this a bad thing that i am counting down the days until summer school is done? Well i dont think so, it makes that much worth it in the end. I have one more hour class this week and then off for the weekend with a day filled with relaxing and homework (sadly). It was a great long day, had both of my lectures day, followed by the gym and having lots with some friends at school. There is a big storm right now, and the thunder is uber loud and very relaxing. Maria is on her way home for Vegas, and i am still super jealous but excited to see her photos and hear her stories. Today is cino de mayo, and i sadly cant celebrate it with Marc, but i am sure he is having a wicked good time at his house warming. Its a quiet night for me, working on some homework and watching tv. Not really anything new in my life, but i am sure these 5 weeks will blow by and i'll be back at home in no time. Oh since i didnt blog about it the other day i might as well share it now. So i really have come to conclusion that people that ride the bus are a whole different civilization on their own. haha Yes, i am sure many of you will agree there is always interesting stories that happen on the bus, so hear is mine. As i was waiting for the bus from the pen center to back home, i was sitting next to this little old lady. She had asked me what bus i was waiting for and struck up a convo with me. Being nice i talked to her but it was often hard to understand as she had a strong European accent. She told me many stories of how she missed Toronto and the wonderful transit system they had. This is what she said, "we have subway, street cars and buses, not like st.catharines piece of shit" yes you read right she said piece of shit. haha She keeps mumbling to me and i try my best to understand. After about 30mins her bus comes and she says "i am going to tell you a dirty joke, i dont hear any of the joke (due to her thick language) but i do hear "3, 4 turn her over and fuck some more!" lol Best talk ever with an old lady. In the mean time (yes there is more) a man, was also bitching about the buses telling me that they are rude and dont realize how much money we spend..blah blah blah, i would describe this man as a 40 year old big guy with a wife beater on, jeans and about 10 different necklaces on. This man continues his rant, but like a typical man is all over the place, news about university to buses to gay pride to oil spill. I think found out he was a gay bear. For those of you dont understand what a "bear" is google it. (never mind i put a pic up) lol Right before our bus comes he asks me with no shame or hesitation "Do you have any young gay friends who would want to **** an mature gay man? thats me by the way" no really i didnt think you were pimping out your friends. haha i said sorry no but good luck. Thank god my bus came at that point, i couldnt believe this bus civilization, its like no shame, morals, common sense and lack of cleanliness. Consider yourself warn, keep listening to your pod and ignore these "bus people" they are nuts! back to nhl play offs for me. keep your stick and beer on the ice!

Monday, May 3, 2010

First day of classes

As most of you know i am taking 2 spring courses, greek civilization and recreation in society. So far so good, my greek prof is an archeologist and has been in greece tones of times studying new Greek sites. He is uber interesting and seems like its going to be a great course, on the bright side i just have to deal with it for 5 weeks if it starts to get boring. My other class is a recreation class (my major) so its really interesting anyway. Its going to be alot of work in the next 5 weeks but it will be worth it in the end. Another night of nhl playoffs and betting dad, so far we are even in the betting which i guess is better being in the hole. Well all for now, keep your stick and beer on the ice!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Original Telephone

Found this  today and though it was interesting the britney spears passed having the song
telephone to be her own~! This is a demo, but still interesting to hear her sing it! Enjoy
Telephone by Britney Spears


I am sooo excited to eat my dinner tonight. It looks so great, veggie stir-fry with chicken. The only thing better would be to have some great friends to share it with!

I love Photobooth

I think its pretty self-explanatory!

Daily Comic

I am going to start doing a daily comic, because they are great and make me laugh! Enjoy, and dont forget to keep your stick and beer on the ice!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday in the Park

Happy Saturday everyone. Today has been a lazy day and i blame it on the rain.
It seems that the lack of sunshine is making me wanna hang out in the house watching movies, and blogging.  I really should start some homework for my spring courses but due to the snail post of fedex, i still dont have my book for greek. I love the fact that the email from amazon states that "expect deliver date from april 26-30". If you continue to read it then states that these are general shipping guidelines and could take up to 15 business days, hell if i would have known that i would have paid $26 bucks for it. I know what your thinking and yes your right, i wouldn't have paid that much. lol Well the roommate is on her way to vegas and i am uber jealous, i hope that she has a great time, and have adventures like the movie "The Hangover".  Marc has finally moved into his new place and i am super excited to hang out with him in the future. It a friggen nice place and i am sure he will have a the best time living alone. I haven't talked to much of Laura lately (another good friend), but she also moved into a new place and has been busy with that. I am sure we will skype in no time.  This is day 3 of being alone, and so far so good. It seems that the days are a little more lonelier then the nights, but i am sure that once homework starts that wont be the case. Its been nuts in our apartment building lately with tones of people moving out. There is garbage all over the place and the dumpster is overflowing. Its really sad to see what people through out, alot of the furniture could be donated and much of the dumpster is full of paper, cardboard and beer bottles that all could be recycled. Earth day should be more then one time of the year, get your head in the game people, show you care. That was my little rant for the day.  Well back to movies and a possible call from Marco. All for now, keep your stick and beer on the ice.