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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Bus story

Is this a bad thing that i am counting down the days until summer school is done? Well i dont think so, it makes that much worth it in the end. I have one more hour class this week and then off for the weekend with a day filled with relaxing and homework (sadly). It was a great long day, had both of my lectures day, followed by the gym and having lots with some friends at school. There is a big storm right now, and the thunder is uber loud and very relaxing. Maria is on her way home for Vegas, and i am still super jealous but excited to see her photos and hear her stories. Today is cino de mayo, and i sadly cant celebrate it with Marc, but i am sure he is having a wicked good time at his house warming. Its a quiet night for me, working on some homework and watching tv. Not really anything new in my life, but i am sure these 5 weeks will blow by and i'll be back at home in no time. Oh since i didnt blog about it the other day i might as well share it now. So i really have come to conclusion that people that ride the bus are a whole different civilization on their own. haha Yes, i am sure many of you will agree there is always interesting stories that happen on the bus, so hear is mine. As i was waiting for the bus from the pen center to back home, i was sitting next to this little old lady. She had asked me what bus i was waiting for and struck up a convo with me. Being nice i talked to her but it was often hard to understand as she had a strong European accent. She told me many stories of how she missed Toronto and the wonderful transit system they had. This is what she said, "we have subway, street cars and buses, not like st.catharines piece of shit" yes you read right she said piece of shit. haha She keeps mumbling to me and i try my best to understand. After about 30mins her bus comes and she says "i am going to tell you a dirty joke, i dont hear any of the joke (due to her thick language) but i do hear "3, 4 turn her over and fuck some more!" lol Best talk ever with an old lady. In the mean time (yes there is more) a man, was also bitching about the buses telling me that they are rude and dont realize how much money we spend..blah blah blah, i would describe this man as a 40 year old big guy with a wife beater on, jeans and about 10 different necklaces on. This man continues his rant, but like a typical man is all over the place, news about university to buses to gay pride to oil spill. I think found out he was a gay bear. For those of you dont understand what a "bear" is google it. (never mind i put a pic up) lol Right before our bus comes he asks me with no shame or hesitation "Do you have any young gay friends who would want to **** an mature gay man? thats me by the way" no really i didnt think you were pimping out your friends. haha i said sorry no but good luck. Thank god my bus came at that point, i couldnt believe this bus civilization, its like no shame, morals, common sense and lack of cleanliness. Consider yourself warn, keep listening to your pod and ignore these "bus people" they are nuts! back to nhl play offs for me. keep your stick and beer on the ice!

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  1. oh the joys of waiting for a bus and hearing some interesting stories along the way.