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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heat Wave!

So i am sure that many of you have noticed that the weather has greatly improve! Not only has it improve but its hot. Today in St.Catharines  it was 28 degrees and 34 with humidity! believe me i love the heat but its hard to sleep when you live in a building that doesnt have A/C and you live on the 11th floor. I hope that everyone is enjoying the sun and heat safely, getting a nice tan and some good vitamin d. This weekend my roommate might be coming up, so i am sure we will hit up the beach or pool. Hope all is well with everyone and that are enjoying this great summer weather in May. Only 3 more months of great weather to soak up. Get your tans on! Take a shower and cool off and dont forget to keep your beer and stick on the ice!

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