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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday in the Park

Happy Saturday everyone. Today has been a lazy day and i blame it on the rain.
It seems that the lack of sunshine is making me wanna hang out in the house watching movies, and blogging.  I really should start some homework for my spring courses but due to the snail post of fedex, i still dont have my book for greek. I love the fact that the email from amazon states that "expect deliver date from april 26-30". If you continue to read it then states that these are general shipping guidelines and could take up to 15 business days, hell if i would have known that i would have paid $26 bucks for it. I know what your thinking and yes your right, i wouldn't have paid that much. lol Well the roommate is on her way to vegas and i am uber jealous, i hope that she has a great time, and have adventures like the movie "The Hangover".  Marc has finally moved into his new place and i am super excited to hang out with him in the future. It a friggen nice place and i am sure he will have a the best time living alone. I haven't talked to much of Laura lately (another good friend), but she also moved into a new place and has been busy with that. I am sure we will skype in no time.  This is day 3 of being alone, and so far so good. It seems that the days are a little more lonelier then the nights, but i am sure that once homework starts that wont be the case. Its been nuts in our apartment building lately with tones of people moving out. There is garbage all over the place and the dumpster is overflowing. Its really sad to see what people through out, alot of the furniture could be donated and much of the dumpster is full of paper, cardboard and beer bottles that all could be recycled. Earth day should be more then one time of the year, get your head in the game people, show you care. That was my little rant for the day.  Well back to movies and a possible call from Marco. All for now, keep your stick and beer on the ice.

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