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Friday, May 21, 2010


As much of you already know, my good friend Marc is OBSESSED with CK underwear. Really can you blame him. Not only do they look super hot on a man, according to him they are HEAVEN on your junk. ( i dont know if he actually said this, but i feel that it would be along this lines) Not only is underwear sexy but it must be comfortable. I remember my Noni (that's grandma for those of you who aren't Italian) telling me that i should always have a nice comfortable and my best underwear on while in cars, cause you never know if you will get in a car accident. Like really what was the suppose to mean, but never the less i always did. I am a big fan of boxer-briefs on a man, but slowly enjoying the briefs even more. I believe that underwear should be just as much as an attire as your clothes are. Really, if you have a great pair of jeans on and a nice sweater but underneath you have ratty gross underwear on, i hope you dont get laid lol.  Ok, maybe that was a little harsh but really i think it says alot about a person by the underwear they wear. I am not saying that you have to go out and buy CK (i really am) BUT i think at least having something a little more sexy might work in your advantage.  It might help you in the bedroom department. haha Another point, why not treat the twins (ladies) right and give them a great support. While men, let the boys be comfortable and breath. Common people. Ok so now that i have gone into a big rant about this important issue, i guess i should share some photos. People i am not saying that we all need to look like super models or hot under wear models, but i think that making our body comfortable by treating ourselves to great underwear will make everyone happy. (including but not limited to your boys/girls and lovers) All for now keep you beer and stick on the ice, and buy some great underwear!

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